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X-CITE SIM cards & settings

Do you have any questions? No easier way to find your answers related to our M2M and IoT SIM cards than by looking here.

  • Wi-Fi remains the most prevalent wireless technology in enterprise networks, but private 4G and soon 5G, are the answer for ultra-secure and highly reliable IoT applications.

    Private 4G/5G can be deployed anywhere, including areas beyond the reach of public carriers, and can keep data on-site for security reasons. Private 4G/5G can be optimised to handle traffic types with specific requirements, e.g. real-time IoT applications.

    Take your business into the digital age with a fully managed private wireless network operated by X-CITE using X-CSP and X-BRAiN.

  • “Network Steering” means that a specific network is favoured in a country.
    This adjustment is carried out whether the network is the best available network in range or not. In fact, it is set automatically by the provider of the SIM card based on economic considerations.

    Our M2M SIM cards DO NOT have such restrictions and are allowed to switch to the most suitable network in range.

  • “National Roaming” brings an enormous advantage to many applications and IoT use cases. No network operator in the world has the ability to cover an entire country without any interruptions on the quality. A single nationwide network is subject to unavoidable limitations. In most cases there are areas with good coverage and areas with lower coverage. Furthermore, the distribution of frequency bands influences the quality of the data connections.


    The ability to access all networks will guarantee the best connection and our M2M SIM offers you exactly that: Access to all available networks across a country.

  • Yes, you need to setup a new APN to connect our M2M SIM cards to the mobile network.

    Our APN settings are:

    Username: (empty)
    Password: (empty)

  • To make our IoT SIM cards work properly you should turn on the data roaming functionality. This will not be required at all kind of devices. But to be sure, please check your device manual or your AT-commands.

  • We can provide you with all possible form factors as well as solutions to any usage specifics

    • Classic/Business grade M2M SIM cards
    • Industrial grade M2M SIM cards
    • Automotive & Aviation grade M2M SIM cards

    Form factors such as

    • 2ff, 3ff, 4ff, MFF2 – assembley SMT SIM chips
    • Temperature ranges from -25°C up to +105°C
    • Up to 15 and more years-lifecycle
    • Up to 10 Mio read/write cycles at max. temperature
  • Yes, you can have both, depending on the terms of your contract. But VOICE is limited to Machine 2 Machine applications only and not for person 2 person communication due to limited functionalities like no number portability and others.

    • SMS MO/MT
  • Yes, every M2M SIM card provided by us is equiped with an uniqe MSISDN = phone number. All those numbers are displayed with a specific country prefix like 0043.

    Other identifiers we provide you whith:

    • ICCID
    • IMSI
  • We can offer both. Post-Paid as well as Pre-Paid tariffs and solutions. Both can be tailored exactly to your needs.

  • We currently enable access to 2G/3G/4G-LTE technology based on 3GPP standards with our globally working M2M SIM cards. This always depends on the local coverage and availabilty. New technologies like 5G, NB-IoT (narrow band) or LTE-catM1 are under consideration to be supported in future due to local conditions. We enable CSD – Circuit Switched Data as well.

  • As an independent MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), we offer access to hundreds of networks in nearly every country around the world. If you want to have our roaming partner list, please request our support or website chat for further information.

  • Its dead easy. Just drop us a message that you’re interrested in our M2M SIM cards and tell us more about the project/product requirements like:

    • where will the card be used (country-region)
    • what kind of device (e.g. GPS tracker, telemetry device, smartwatch)
    • what kind of services do you need (data, sms, voice) and how much
    • estimated amout of sim cards needed
  • Our M2M SIM card test kit is valid for 2 months, starting from the beginning of usage. However, if needed we can offer customised scenarios per request. The SIM cards can be used as commercial SIMs after the trial period or easily terminated without any cost. But don’t worry, we do not start charging you after the end of the trial phase.

    To order you SIM test kit, please contact us here GET YOU SIM TEST KIT

  • Initially our test kit will be provided for free. We only charge the shipping to your destination. For special requests and test-requirements we may charge a small fee.

  • Yes of course! We work together with multiple carriers to make this possible and ship our SIM cards or SIM chips all over the world.

  • We generally do not charge any shipping fees to our customers. Orders placed/received and confirmed before 1pm will be shipped on the same day – subject to current stock and availability.
    Typical delivery time in EUROPE is approx. 1 working day. Other countries can differ from 2 to 10 working days (depends on local laws, import regulations and dutys).

  • You have multiple ways to place your IoT SIM card order:

    • place an order through our CENTER SIM MANAGEMENT PLATFORM
    • use our e-mail address to place your order
    • contact your responsible ACCOUNT Manager to place your order directly