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Global Machine-to-Machine SIM Cards tailored for your business

There is no easier way to use mobile data connectivity as a part of a product, solution or a business value. With X-CITE you’ll have a M2M mobile SIM solution that fits your needs.

NO NEED to build your service or product around the telecommunications service.

X-CITE offers a huge benefit which helps you to enable new business opportunities and supports the products you already have.

We wrap our specialised, secure and extremely stable mobile machine to machine connectivity around your product, service or business model. Therefore, you can manage the important things and we do the rest for you.

Only with X-CITE’s global M2M data SIM cards!

M2M SIM cards for GPS and all tracking devices

You want to track a vehicle, fleet, pet or a person? Our X-CITE IoT SIM fits perfectly in every GPS tracking solution and works worldwide. With access to more than 400 networks globally, our SIM provides you with the quality that is needed to keep your device connected no matter if you track persons, pets, vehicles or containers.

M2M SIM for security, observation & monitoring systems

Your alarm and security systems need the highest quality mobile connectivity. Our SIM cards are the perfect solution for your alarm or surveillance systems and everything where security plays a significant role. The high-quality network coverage and the access to several networks is the perfect fit for your connected devices.

IoT SIM for industry 4.0 and beyond

We connect Industry 4.0. With our specialised Machine-to-Machine SIM connectivity. We will help you to merge your business processes with today’s IT requirements, therefore enabling new business models through connecting your machines and devices for you and your customers.

The perfect SIM solution for agriculture, farm and forest machines

Precision Farming – we connect your agricultural devices, vehicles and sensors, no matter where. Whether it be the alignment of tractors by GPS signals, the precise machining of fields or the remote control and maintenance of forest and harvesting machines – our SIM cards and services offer exactly the right tools to cover your product and business needs.

Sensors, smart meters and everything that needs connectivity

We provide you with professional mobile connectivity for: sensors, smart meters and everything within the Internet of Things world. Tailor made tariffs and global SIM coverage enables you to provide the best possible connected devices and solutions to your customers. Fast, uncomplicated and focused on your specific needs.

Global SIM solutions for infrastructure providers & utilities

Railway companies, utilities, smart cities and motorway companies have a high demand for mobile connectivity. X-CITE offers a whole package on products and services to cover all needs. Starting with professional mobile coverage and access to several networks in nearly every country worldwide, through service and a billing platform for this kind of connectivity.