Non-Modular Device

Health Tracker


The Health Tracker can be used either as a wristband (phase 1) or bracelet (phase 2) to track well known health indicators like skin temperature and heart rate.

Use Cases

  • Industrial Human Health Tracking
  • Elderly Health Tracking
  • Covid-19 Proximity Measurements (Wristband Form Factor) in Smart Healthcare and Smart Infrastructure (Stadions & public events)

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  • Our smartwatches are connected to any smartphone over a Bluetooth connection.The smartphone will then transmit the information to the management platform over its own WiFi or cellular connection.
  • Compared to standard solutions, the Tracker supports Cellular LPWAN (NB1/NB2 and M1) for communication
  • Via Bluetooth Low Energy, proximity tracing can be applied incl. Location Tracking


Smartwatches collect general health information, like heart rate, temperature, and may detect any shock or absence of movement.
This information is then transmitted through the smartphone to a central platform, as i.e. our X-BRAiN platform for analysis and presentation.
In case of abnormality, action can be taken such as the transmission of recorded information to a doctor or any emergency services.

It is also possible to retrieve location data from the smartphone and set up geofencing to trace the wearer and create an alert system in case geofences are breached.


Smartwatches are recharged over a standard USB power supply.