Built to connect your devices globally

X-CSP delivers you individually tailored and professional grade M2M/IoT SIM connectivity

    Your X-CITE trial advantage

    Don’t miss that opportunity and try it for FREE!

    • Free trial period with a globally valid SIM
    • 2 SIM cards included within the test-kit
    • Test duration 2 months
    • Multi-format SIM cards including all form-factors (mini, micro, nano)
    • Full access to our SIM Management portal
    • No commitment or contractual obligations
    • Full technical and commercial support during your test phase
    • Static IP, VPN and further features available on request

    Global 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G mobile connectivity

    X-CITE’s worldwide mobile M2M connectivity solution enables you to sell smart connected products and solutions wherever you want. With our SIM cards we offer you access to hundreds of networks in nearly every country in the world, regardless of whether your product is permanently installed or on the move.

    Professional SIM Management Platform

    We enable our customers to fully manage and control their sim cards from one powerful tool. Manage your APNs, SIM cards, usage, services sets, customers and create reports or watchdogs for better understanding and control of your sim usage. Everything from one place.

    Full REST-API Interface

    You want to use your own software but have all the advantages of our X-CSP? No problem, we offer you a huge REST API set, that enables you to manage all your sim cards from the place of your choice.

    Secure M2M SIM Card

    We provide you with full control over your SIM cards. Our content filter & control technology, enables you to reduce connectivity costs, prevents misuse of your M2M SIM cards and lowers security-risks to a minimum. Everything self-managed from you X-CSP interface and ready within minutes.