Non-Modular Device

5G Coral Board


The 5G board is an advanced and single computer board developed in-house by X-CITE. This board is unique as it integrates several enhanced components that can achieve multiple features with high performance when put together.

Use Cases

  • Dedicated for applications that demand high performance and optimized power cost such as real-time tracking, sensing and monitoring
  • The X-CITE version is tailored e.g. to Industry 4.0 solutions by providing advanced connectivity options via 4.9G or 5G (incl. locally bound) networks
  • Compared to edge appliances, the Coral Module can be mounted straight on (moving) devices (Drones in Smart Maintenance and Smart City)

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Hardware Specifications

  • NXP’s iMX 8M system-on-chip (SoC)
  • eMMC memory & LPDDR4 RAM
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth capabilities
  • Unique Google’s Edge TPU coprocessor
  • For supporting peripheral modules, Board-2-Board connectors are foreseen
  • The housing will be IP65 ratified