Modular Device

Asset Tracker


X-CITE has developed sophisticated modular tracking solutions to enable advanced monitoring of goods and services in your network. Our end-to-end boards may be used independently or can be integrated with our X-BRAiN platform.

Use Cases

  • GPS tracking device especially designed for bikes and other assets that require a small size
  • Tracking of boxes in the context of industry 4.0 for monitoring the production chain
  • Tracking of workers for security purposes in Smart Mining
  • Environmental sensing capabilities for detecting incidents in Industry 4.0 and Smart Mining


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Our X-TRAiCK devices support LoRa and cellular connectivity, meaning that if you want to use them in a LoRa environment, we will provide you with the right tracker ready for integration.
On the other hand, if you want to work with traditional networks, we provide tracking devices operable on 2G-3G-4G-5G bands together with data subscription, available worldwide.
We are acting as a one stop shop!


Our X-TRAiCK devices support both online and offline tracking of your goods through low-profile attached devices.
Not only do we support geo-localisation of the goods, together with standard geofencing and alerting in case the tracker leaves pre-set virtual boundaries, we can also optionally include integrated temperature sensors, humidity sensors and shock captors.
Based on all information measured with the above-mentioned sensors, we will provide you online information on the current status of your goods, as well as their tracking history.
Optionally, we can also utilise our X-BRAiN platform to set up some triggers and alerts anytime a boundary is breached for any of the measured parameters.


Standard trackers support low power consumption and may run several years with a simple battery.
Some devices using classical cellular networks may require battery recharge through a standard USB adapter.

Hardware Specifications

  • Tightly integrated in X-BRAiN and Google Cloud IoT Core to manage the full lifecycle, configuration and use case integration>
  • Configuration and Firmware update via OTA (over the air, no need to be physically present)
  • Sensor capabilities via build-in IMU
  • Multi-Band GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou)
  • Supported for NB1/NB2 and M1 cellular LPWAN by latest Qualcomm 9205 (Quectel BG77) chipset
  • Optimised Handover between Cells in Narrowband Mod
  • Built-in high sensitivity GPS/ Cellular antennas
  • Support communication protocols TCP/UDP/PPP/HTTP/MQTT/CoAP
  • Low power optimized incl. adaptable power consumption (eDRX intervals)
  • Multiple I/Os support: 1 Digital Inputs for custom function, 1 Digital input for optional Emergency button, 1 Analog Input, 1 Digital output for relay
  • Compact, Robust, and waterproof IPX67/68 design
  • Tracking by preferred interval, scheduling and Geofence, IMU activity (movements)
  • Multiple charging solutions, e.g. 3.7V rechargeable Li-Po Battery
  • Memory to store the coordinates (when the device is outside coverage)