The 5G coral board is an advanced and single computer board developed in-house by X-CITE.

This board is unique as it integrates several enhanced components that can achieve multiple features with high performance when put together.

Use Case

Several new use cases are provided by 5G coral board including 5G industry 4.0 relevant cases ontop of X-BRAiN like production quality analysis in real-time, backed up via ultra low latency and reliable connectivity on top of 5G. Also movable assets & vehicles (like AGVs) can be optimised by integrating the board and using the embedded Linux.

Additional use cases are enabled by considering the board as an enhanced 5G connected camera with enhanced local inferencing of machine learning models, for instance, a connected vineyard where we are able to analyse, simulate and predict growth rates, plan treatment and pesticide usage by a smart pesticide drone operating on precision agriculture insights. The examples of such cases go on such as smart parking and traffic analysis. In this case, the board not only provides reliable connectivity for the drone but also enables local analysis of videos incl. additional data (like GNSS data) by integrated Google Edge TPU. The 5G board can empower existing systems in different sectors like healthcare & entertainment, by providing reliable 5G based connectivity. Specific interfaces are available to integrate (e.g. for enhanced QoS and connectivity events) the existing solutions in a minimally invasive approach.

Technical Integration to X-BRAiN

The 5G Board is tightly integrated in X-BRAiN to manage the status of the board covering connectivity parameters, used software versions (incl. update capabilities) such as dependencies like Machine Learning Model running on the Edge TPU. Specific integrations are available, e.g.Drone Integration via the MAVLINK Protocol, e.g. for PX4 compatible Drones. In this case, the Board must be considered as the payload of the drone and will be integrated to Drone Camera for local analysis (via the Edge TPU) of the pictures provided by camera. For agricultural or scene analytics use-cases, the board will use the integrated CSI port to integrate pre-defined camera modules. The extracted metadata or payload, like video- and/or audio-streams or industry 4.0 relevant machine control data, are going to be transmitted using an optimiseddata plane to achieve ultra low latency. The IP stream can be prioritised on the 5G public or private/industry network.

Leading industry suppliers are stating that we are 2 years ahead!


As the name suggests, the board is 5G ready and integrates an M.2 connector for the 5G module (RM500Q), a heat dissipation solution to avoid system overheating, and a sim connector. RM500Q is a 5G NR/LTE-A/UMTS/HSPA+ wireless communication module with receiver diversity that provides GNSS and voice functionality to meet specific application demands. 5G non-standalone and standalone networks are supported. Please contact us to receive local 5G networks’ information and the applicable integration scenarios.


Supporting a removable System on Module (SoM) compatible with Google’s Coral Dev Board SoM, this board is the best fit for accelerated machine learning and processing. This SoM is a fully integrated Linux system with wireless support: Wi-Fi 2×2 MIMO (802.11b/g/n/ac2.4/5GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2. It is provided with an on-board Edge TPU coprocessor enforcing high-speed AI inferencing for e.g. fault detection, face recognition, etc. …

Additionally, 40-pin GPIOis available to assemble different boards on top of this board for additionalfeatures such as sensor boards, GPS boards or other Modem boards (LTE BG91/BG95). The baseboard includes several peripheral connections including USB-C port, Ethernet port (incl. Support for PtP 1588v2), JTAG connector, and SD card. All these features are empowered with X-BRAiN services.


The device can be supplied either by an external 10V to 20V power supply, or through the USB-Cwith an injector to provide the necessary amperage.

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