We are proud to announce our latest partnership

X-CITE is a GOOGLE Partner and specialist for professional cloud computing services. Our goal is to use the cloud to create added value for small & mid-sized companies and to help them to exploit the full potential of the cloud.

X-CITE concentrates on the public cloud – in particular GOOGLE CLOUD. To do this we offer support for the complete cloud life cycle: strategic consultation and idea generation, the development of applications and infrastructures, the integration of these into hybrid IT landscapes and the operation of these around the clock.

X-CITE is also partner for the Google Managed Service Provider program and Google well-Architected program.

  1. We consider ourselves to be a technology company that not only understands the needs of our customers but also provides comprehensive technical expertise.
  2. We focus on planning and developing architecture as well as the operation of cloud infrastructures. In doing so it is particularly important for us to best leverage the benefits of the cloud: agility, flexibility, security, cost efficiency.
  3. Our work is ITIL based, this means we offer our customers robust operation and established process interfaces.
  4. We work on the basis of DevOps and help the various departments increase agility, pick up speed and bring new products and services more quickly to market. To this end, we work with a high degree of automation and are thus able to quickly implement customer-specific requests.

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